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Gogh the Distance!

Social Distancing Circles to be Integrated into Immersive van Gogh Experience in Toronto

Toronto, ON (May 27, 2020) — Continuing to be on the forefront of creativity and innovation during the coronavirus era, organizers of the Immersive van Gogh exhibition, who recently announced the world’s first drive-in exhibition coming to Toronto, have debuted plans to integrate social distancing circles into the immersive digital art experience when it officially opens its doors to visitors on-foot in July. First it was the ‘Gogh by Car,’ and now preparations are underway to allow patrons to ‘Gogh the Distance.’

“We are optimistic that cultural venues and destinations will soon be able to open to larger gatherings; and we are taking every measure to ensure that our patrons will be able to fully engross themselves in the incredible scale and visual impact of the art, film and sound experience –without worrying about social distancing,” said Svetlana Dvoretsky, co-producer, Lighthouse Immersive.

“Other cities including San Francisco and Brooklyn have successfully encouraged social distancing by painting “circles” in parks and public spaces, so we thought why not project these circles within our 600,000 cubic feet venue, so that it becomes part of the presentation and integrates into the moving projections of van Gogh’s masterpieces,” said Corey Ross, co-producer, Lighthouse Immersive.


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Getting Here

1 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7 CANADA

Entry for Drive-In accessible via Freeland St.

This Toronto landmark is renowned for its location at the foot of the longest street in the world “Yonge Street” and for its name - The Toronto Star Building so named because the building provides office space for the largest daily newspaper in Canada. Everyone knows where the Toronto Star’s Head Office is located! 
Getting to 1 Yonge Street is easy.

Creative Team

Massimiliano Siccardi

Artistic Director

Massimiliano studied at the London School of Contemporary Dance of London. In 1990, he left the world of dance to begin a new journey in the world of video art where he quickly became the artistic force behind visual mise-en-scène for choreographers around the world. Massimiliano created video scenographies for numerous prestigious festivals and galasinternationally. He has also constructed the video mapping of the Basilica di Giotto and for the Teatro Petruzzelli of Bari, where one of his permanent installation’s virtually re-constructed the frescoes of the Cupola. Massimiliano is also a celebrated photographer and has had photo exhibitions in Spoleto and Rome. He is professor of digital image elaboration at the Accademia di Comunicazione e Immagine of Rome. In 2012, Massimiliano received the prestigious International Award “Romaindanza” for his talent in the visual work of dance theatre. From 2012, he has been artist-in-residence at the Carrières de Lumières - Atelier des Lumières where he authored the mise-en-scène of numerous immersive shows. He is currently creating projects within Italy as well as in New York, Berlin, Leipzig and Rome.

Luca Longobardi


Italian composer and pianist, Luca Longobardi, is a classically trained musician who incorporates the contemporary electronic music into his pieces. Born in 1976, Longobardi studied classical music in Italy and New York and went on to earn his doctorate in digital audio restoration in Rome in 2011. His works reveal a strong interaction between classical and contemporary music. The experience he has gained as a theatre musician has increased his interest in the relationship between sounds and spectacle. He has composed music for ballets and films and accompanied installations and experimental art productions (Atelier de Lumières - Paris, Carrière des Lumières - Baux-de-Provence, Kunstkraftwerk - Leipzig). At his multimedia performances and in his recordings, strong experimental electronic music meets pure, ethereal and simple-seeming piano playing that relay deep emotions.



Generoso Marco Realino

Erica Realino

Valeria Garofalo

Directed by Massimiliano Siccardi
Written by Massimiliano Siccardi, Vittorio Guidotti, Luca Longobardi
Soundtrack (musical concept and composition) by Luca Longobardi

Graphics and animations by


Vittorio Guidotti – Art Director, Producer
Silvia Caracciolo – Production Manager
Michele Boncompagni – 2D Animator, Producer
Lisa Cantini – 2D Animator, Art Director
Valerio Ciminelli – 2D/3D Animator
Matteo Inchingolo – 2D Animator
Daniele Arcuri – 2D Animator
Flavio Lisi – Graphic Designer
Francesca Scarponi – Graphic Designer
Flavio Lisi – Graphic Designer
Francesca Scarponi – Graphic Designer